Help Us Minister to the Community and ​Touch the World

We Thank You for your great concern for us and showing your desire to help us fulfill our Vision to help people around the world get the personal ministry they need that is vital for their wellbeing.

​God has truly shown Himself as Yahweh Yireh in our ministry. The community house the Lord has provided us in Shreveport was a miracle in itself.

Now we need another miracle for a place in Denver, Colorado!

We have been commissioned by the Lord to move our ministry to Denver and study Chinese Medicine to get our Doctorate. We are in need of a place for the ministry and for our family.

The Bible says "Without a vision, the people perish" Prov. 29:18.

Here at Tree of Life/ Etz Hayim, our vision for the immediate and near future is to buy vacant rural or near rural farmland and construct a facility where God's People can come and be healed, set free and delivered. Those individuals in need of ministry would reside at the facility in a family setting for as long as needed to effect their healing. A suitable site for the ministry should include its own water source from natural springs and rivers located on the ministry land. It would also be the aim of the ministry to establish its own independent food source through farming and ranching, The ministry staff and its residents would be responsible for maintaining all functions of the facility.

Right now, we will need a place for public use, especially considering those who would like to stay with us for a week or more for personal ministry. Please consider helping us financially, become a volunteer, or become a partner with us through monthly donations and receive a full monthly subscription to all our classes and content. We will feature new photos when we complete each task to celebrate your efforts!

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Our Budget Needs

Here is a current rough financial budget:

  • While we are furthering our education and are pursuing our Doctorates, we are looking for a place to plant our ministry in or around the Denver, Colorado Metro area.


  • Vacant Land or a Campground for sale (approx. 10-30 acres)
  • Semi-Professional recording and broadcasting equipment
  • PA system, Projectors and screens (We got the Projector, screens, and microphones! Thank You!!)
  • Church Chairs, Tables, Outdoor Porch & Patio Furniture​, Plants, Greenhouse development
  • Computers and tablets (used or new) for children and adults for separate study rooms.