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Think Right... Feel Right...Right Now!

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Ministers & Life Coaches*

Using solid Biblical principles, along with the Ministry of the Ruach haChodesh/Holy Spirit, Shelecha Vincent and Neviah Leslie work together to offer their extraordinarily unique Life coaching services for all who are looking for guidance in every aspect in life, be it family, marriage, career, finances, relationships, mental health and physical health, for overall wellness through the spirit, mind, body connection.


Career and Financial Coaching

Through Career life coaching we provide guidance to those who are dealing with career problems, considering career changes and dealing with issues like retirement or the mid-life crisis. We will share deep insights that will help you discover your God-Given Purpose, understand your Destiny and how to fulfill it. Financial coaches help people with financial struggles, money management, budget and spending issues. Unlike therapists, who might explore the underlying mental health or psychological issues related to career or financial problems, life coaches focus on the problem, find the root of the problem, provide guidance, personal insight and knowledge, offer feedback and tips and use other active techniques to help people achieve their career or financial goals.

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Relationship and Family Coaching

People who have dating, relationship or family issues may need help in sorting out their problems by discussing feelings, providing some feedback, may need some direct advice, and help them to open the lines of communication. Our Relationship and family life coaching will focus on present and past issues and guide people to take action and solve problems.

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Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching provides guidance, advice and direction to people looking for help with weight loss, fitness, exercise, nutrition and dieting issues, stress management and some medical or health concerns. Neviah Leslie is also certified fitness coach and nutrition counselor. We will help you address issues like compulsive overeating, compulsive dieting, poor nutritional habits and other related issues. It is important to state that we are not doctors and life coaching does not replace conventional medical advice or work for those who are very sick or unmotivated.


Mental Health Coaching

As Mental health coaches we minister God's Unconditional Love to the mind of the Believer in dealing with mental disorders, severe depression or anxiety disorders, as well as grief, conflict or anger management. This helps you achieve greater spirituality, balance, confidence or a sense of purpose. We teach specific skills, like visualization techniques, mindful meditation, neuroplastic kabbalah, and other mental guided imagery and exercises to help you alleviate fears, phobias, anger, or communication problems, in order to help you achieve your goals.


*Please call us for Life Coaching Program fees at 720-744-0453 or fill out our contact sheet (CLICK HERE).


Spirit > Mind > Body = Wholeness (Shalom)

The main focus and vision of our ministry here at Tree of Life/ Etz Hayim is healing and deliverance. Not only healing of the physical body, but that of the mind and emotions. Actually, "Shalom" of the individual is the ultimate state. This means "Wholeness" in Spirit, Mind and Body, including the individual's personal finances and material prosperity. These goals can only be achieved through the anointing of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit), the Power Gifts, and the Five-Fold Ministry of the Brit Chadashah (New Testament), as delineated by the Shelekim (Apostles).



Prayer is audible and vocalized energy with intent. Energy and anointing follows intent, intent follows faith, and faith precedes manifestation.

Matthew 21:21 Yeshuah answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.

Mark 11:23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Developed by John & Paula Sandford, it is “evangelism to the unbelieving heart of the believer”. The process is very effective when dealing with painful emotions.

THEOPHOSTIC (God’s Light):

A potent balm for the healing of traumatic memories. Survivors of incest, rape, anorexia, satanic ritual abuse, and those suffering from DID can be healed and made whole using this form of Mashiach (Jesus) centered prayer.


Traditional ministry of the Ruach ha Chodesh (Holy Spirit), It involves the process of identifying and removing of all demonic oppression in the life of an individual.

We specialize in Deliverance for celebrities after picking up demonic attachments through the roles they play for entertainment, and for anyone suffering from demonic oppression, sickness, disease, pain, depression, mental disorders, sexual disorders, emotional and social disorders.


Sometimes iniquities are passed down through our generational bloodline. This ministry uses the gift of discernment to ascertain where in our ancestral line spiritual problems exist that effect us today.


Involves Laying on of Hands, Prayer According to Knowledge, & Soaking Prayer. Physical ailments of the body can be caused by accidental injury, unhealthy or sinful lifestyles, heredity, and even by unresolved emotional issues and demonic oppression. Once inner healing & deliverance are performed, physical healing of all kinds is the result.

Spiritual Roots to Disease

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Pastor Wright’s pre-med training led him to consider the immune system, which is created in the marrow of the bones. If the woman had a broken spirit, it would affect the marrow and weaken her immune system, producing a physical disease.

Ministering from Dr. Henry Wright's Be In Health program will help you confront those areas where you’ve been overtaken by the enemy – in things like anger, rejection, and fear. These issues eventually lead to a physical manifestation of dis-ease. We help you trace the issue to the root cause and to event that took place where a certain belief was made that was contrary to the Word of God. Then we give you tools from the Bible so you can overcome them with the power of God. We work to bring the truth from His Word in a safe, secure environment so that anyone and everyone will find it easy to “deal with their stuff.


Neuro-Theology and Neuroplasticity. Change your brain, Change your Life.

Brain plasticity, or neuroplasticity, is the ability for the brain to recover and restructure itself. This adaptive potential of the nervous system allows the brain to recover after disorders or injuries and to reduce the effects of altered structures due to pathologies such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, cognitive deterioration, Alzheimers, dyslexia, insomnia, ADHD/ADD, and more. Neuroplasticity, or neural plasticity, allows neurons to regenerate both anatomically as well as functionally, and to form new synaptic connections.


God speaks directly to us in our dreams in a language that we sometimes do not understand. If you would like your dream interpreted from a biblical perspective, please "Click Here" to go to our Dream Interpretation page for more information.


Biblical Astrology is the use of sound Bible Doctrine to understand the divine order of the Heavens and the Spiritual meaning of planetary and stellar configurations. The Heavens declare the glory of God. The Bible is the only source of truth about astrology. God created the Universe with its stars and planets for signs and seasons. The harmony of the heavens indeed reflect the Glory of God and all of His creation. God's truth about astrology is not related to the lies of Babylon and has nothing to do with traditional horoscopes.

Natal charts include all aspects of the Planets at time of Birth. Many times, the influence of one aspect may contradict another. For example, Sun in Sagittarius suggests its influence is that You express yourself in a very open, direct, and straightforward manner , but Mercury Conjunct Saturn suggests that, you are rather reserved, uncommunicative, and uncomfortable with light, frivolous conversation. When there are contradictions with any Planetary influence, they do not cancel each other out, but rather one many be stronger an influence than another, and you want to develop yourself according to the greater character toward your higher self, that is full of the Light of the Creator.

If you would like to order an natal chart for your self, a loved one, or a friend, please go to our "Contact us" page and write in the message box your request for a natal chart. Natal charts are $50 to $200 depending on the different type of reports you would like. More information will be provided when you submit a request.

Body Code and Emotion Code:


Developed by renowned holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is effective by entering the inner workings of the subconscious mind, where emotionally-charged events from the past can be found haunting the individual in the form of "trapped emotions", emotional energies that literally inhabit the body.


Also developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Body Code is simple enough that a child can learn to do it, yet powerful enough that doctors and healers all over the world rely on it to heal their patients. It is a proven method for healing, not only physical diseases of the body, but emotional issues as well as blocks to prosperity and career advancement.



PSYCH-K® is a key modality that we use as part of our ministry. It focuses on whole-brain function to create changes and new beliefs.

As Certified Advanced, Pro, and Health & Wellbeing PSYCH-K® Facilitators we work with our clients to empower them to achieve their goals and create deep belief changes for greater physical, mental and/or spiritual wellness and growth.


Basking in the presence of glorious S O U N D S from Heaven and the Universe

Sound consists of two very important aspects: spiritual and energy. Energy will always conform to the laws of physics ( newtonian, wave, and quantum). Spirit is intelligent, undefined, and completely unpredictable, and has no bounds or limitations. It is the substance of miracles. God is SPIRIT (John 4:24). and we are spirit, and we have a mind and live in a body.

The body that we live in is composed of approx. 70% water. A very effective way to affect positive change and healing within this aqueous system is sound therapy.

Shelecha Vincent and Neviah Leslie have been using sound for healing for over 10 years now, starting with the shofar. We are constantly growing in our anointing in this area, and, as are all of our modalities, it is biblically based. We now offer sound bath sessions utilizing crystal singing bowls, paiste gongs, shofars, didgeridoos, tuning forks & chimes (solfeggio, planetary, osteo and others), ocean drums, Davidic Harp, and crystals.

Our sound baths here at the energy center are very unique, immersing you in space and sound in a peaceful atmosphere for you to relax at a profound level. This allows your body to find its natural balance while creating space for insights that lead you to experience resolution for emotional issues and a sense of coming home to your self. The result is experiencing wonderous sounds that balances your chakras, cleanses your auras, and unblocks your meridians, bringing total shalom (wholeness) to your spirit, mind and body.

Get a peace of Heaven, harmony and love while resting in a safe and secure place. "As Above, So Below".


Diet, of course, is very important to healing of your spirit, mind and body. The best foods to eat to produce optimum health and healing or wholeness, is a kosher, organic, microbiome-friendly diet. *The microbiome is a miniature world made up of trillions of microscopic, nonhuman organisms that flourish within your gastrointestinal tract. These intestinal organisms— bacteria— digest your food, govern your appetite, control your metabolism, orchestrate your immune system, influence your mood, and even help determine how your genes are expressed. The vast majority of the cells within your body are not human. Within your intestinal tract lies a whole separate ecology that is inextricably involved with yours. When these microscopic organisms flourish, you flourish. When they struggle, you struggle. When they crave sugar, so do you. And when they operate at peak efficiency, so does your metabolism and immune system.

*Kellman, Raphael (2014-07-01). The Microbiome Diet: The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss (p. 8). Da Capo Press. Kindle Edition.


Tai Chi, Bagua, Xingyi, and Qi Gong

The ancient internal arts of tai chi, bagua, xingyi and qi gong are excellent ways to enhance and promote the flow of energy or life force throughout the body.

Our M&M include Tai chi, Bagua, Xingi, Medical Qigong, White Tiger Iron Palm Percentage Breath Meditations, and Neuroplastic Meditation.

The Bible says in Genesis 2:7 "And the Lord God formed man out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. " The Hebrew words for "breath of life" is Ruach ha Chodesh, which means Holy Divine Wind or Breath. This Divine Wind is referred to as the Spirit of God (Genesis 1:2).

The internal martial arts of Taiji, Bagua, Xingi, and the art of Medical Qigong, in my opinion, should be called the Science of Breath and Breathing. These internal arts have taken the Divine Wind or Life force mentioned in Genesis 2:7 and developed methods to utilize this creative force for the rejuvenation and healing of the body. The various techniques of these arts that we use not only heal the body, but also prevent the onset of disease and premature aging. Chronic ailments such as arthritis, coronary disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, obesity, and various dysfunctions of internal organs respond dramatically to our breathing and movement methods.

When we are sick with chronic ailments, and even colds and the flu, our bodies are only doing what we tell it to do through our thought life and, most importantly, our emotional state. Most people whether they admit it or not, have trained their brains over the course of their lives to issue forth negative responses and thoughts 24/7 . This emotional state will eventually lead to a biological diseased state of the body. The Bible says, As a man thinketh, so is he. The brain is neuroplastic, we ourselves design it and are responsible for its structure. Neuroplasticity is the key to our salvation. We can re-train our brains, thereby restructuring our brains. Through proper meditation we can create new neuropathways and synaptic connections in our brains that will lead to thoughts of joy and peace, thereby creating a disease-free body. In our classes, we deal extensively with this new area of healing that some have called "Neurotheology" and "Neuroplasticity". It's new to us, but the Bible deals with it extensively.

Tai chi nourishes the internal organs through the 12 bilateral and 2 unilateral meridian systems of the body. Bagua has a direct and profound effect on the body's chakras and auras. Xingyi combines both effects.

Auras are mentioned in Rev. 4 as the Seven spirits of God. The chakras are described in Rev. 5 as the Seven Horns. The 12 bilateral meridians and the 2 unilateral meridians are mentioned in Rev. 22 as the Tree of Life and the River clear as crystal flowing out of the Throne. According to Rev. 2 we are made in the miage of God, if He has seven eyes, and seven horns, and two trees of life, so do we.


​by Certfied Colour and Light Analyst and Therapist CAROLYN FREEMAN

Rev. 4:3-5 ... and there was a rainbow around the throne, in appearance like an emerald. Around the throne were twenty-four thrones, and on the thrones I saw twenty-four elders sitting, clothed in white robes; and they had crowns of gold on their heads. And from the throne proceeded lightnings, thunderings, and voices. Seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.

"The Best part of the rainbow is not the pot of gold, it is the Rainbow itself!"

Colour = Energy. Colour is pure energy. Each colour of the rainbow has a different frequency and power. Colour, in the form of light, stimulates our body's endocrine system, which is connected to our energy centers (Chakras). Since light consists of seven of the colour energies, we can strengthen our energy centers through the conscious use of colour.

Light travels to us in different wavelenghts, and vibrates at different frequencies. We absorb some of that light and reflect the rest. When an object appears black, it is absorbing all of the frequencies. Objects that reflect all light appear white. The colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet appear between black and white. When we look at an object such as a red apple, the apple is absorbing all wavelengths of light except red. It reflects red which is the colour that we see.

We can use a sensor device that measures the vibrational energy emitted from the various reflex zones in the hand. That sensor device is the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® The Biopulsar is connected to a computer. The sensor electrodes transfer information to the computer allowing one to see colours existing in the energy field surrounding that person. This is your aura.

Your vibrational energy can be affected by the use of crystals, clothing, coloured light, meditation, aromatherapy, and music. All of these modalities are used to help you work towards a more balanced energy field.


In our ministry, we have a simple call and response:

Call: God is ...


Call: There are ...


Call: Everything God does has ...


The Book of Revelation Chapters 4, 5, 21 and 22 as well as other chapters in this book and throughout scripture describe the seven auras, the seven chakras, the twelve bilateral meridians, the two unilateral meridians, crystals, light, and sound. The question is, Why? The answer is Healing. Revelations 1:10 says that Yeshuah's VOICE is as the SOUND of a mighty SHOFAR. Revelation 1:15 says that His VOICE is as the SOUND of MANY WATERS. When GOD instructed Moshe to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness (the Tent of Meeting), a place where His Presence would permanently reside, Moshe was instructed to construct the Tent of Meeting exactly after the pattern that he saw in Heaven itself. The use of colour in the construction of the Tabernacle or Tent of Meeting is described in Exodus Chapters 25, 26, 35, 36 and 39, and in Numbers 4. The question again is Why? The answer is Healing, Guidance and Enlightenment. According to Exodus 13:21-22, the Israelites were guided by a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night. Under these two forms of light, it is said that there were no sick or infirmed among them and neither did their feet swell or sandals wear out. Healing, Guidance, and Enlightenment!


Our Synergy Week is the most thorough and extraordinary week you will ever experience in manifesting Transformational Change. We say this with great faith and confidence.

What is Synergy Week / Synergy Weekend?

Synergy Week or Weekend is an intense 7 day, or 3 day residency session here at Etz Hayim Temple and Energy Center where an individual, couple (husband and wife) or family (husband, wife, children and/or grandparents) can be ministered to on a 24/7 basis, around the clock. In-House residency is mandatory for all sessions. Eligible candidates and participants will experience the entire gambit of all of our ministry modalities listed above. This includes all meals which will be completely of a kosher, organic, microbiome vegetarian diet unless medical needs dictate otherwise. In these cases, any fish with fins and scales can be added. Synergy Week/ Weekend is extremely intense and rigorous, and is only intended for those who are serious about their spirituality and health. The experience is intended to be uplifting, edifying, and refreshing. There is no effort to make anyone uncomfortable or unpleasant. Synergy can also be used as a spiritual and emotional spa experience on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis. Each person's program will be customized by the Holy Spirit- Ruach HaChodesh.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone facing or dealing with life-threatening, life-altering, and chronic diseases, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.
  • Anyone seeking to reverse old patterns of defeat, failure and financial instability.
  • Anyone suffering from any form of emotional instability, distress, or trauma , such as PTSD, grief, extreme loss, all phobias, fears, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mood disorders. bipolar, learning disabilities (ADD and ADHD), dissociative identity disorder (DID), and satanic ritual abuse (SRA).
  • Anyone seeking deliverance and entity removal or freedom from demonic and satanic harassment, oppression and possession.

Call us at 720-744-0453​ for more information.