We have several clips of our various sound baths that were conducted at Retreat Center as well as local health clinics and fitness studios. Also featured below is a very special 15 minute video interview with our Dear Friend Judith Lee Taylor of Unity Church in Shreveport. She is the Spiritual Leader at Unity Church and she experienced our individual and group Sound Bath Therapy sessions during their Spiritification Weekend.

"Awesome! Vince and Leslie offer a tandem sound healing, increasing the vibrations and level of healing. I will return again and again." - Maxine, Denver, CO

"It was amazing! I came in with stress and left with complete peace, and my sinuses were healed!" - Ivory, Aurora, CO

​"I felt complete energy and vibration. The sound creation gong was incredible!" -Francis, Denver, CO

​"My experience is beyond words... I felt like water, I saw myself in colors, I felt transformed. the tuning forks were the best for me. I highly recommend their sound bath!" - Shayla M., Aurora, CO

"Incredible people doing God's work 💗 Healers of the highest degree!" -Raechel R.

"Wow! So beautiful, so healing and so high vibrational! I am so looking forward to doing this again!" -Bianca T.A.